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Time travel correction... The river analogy....
Okay need to make a correction on my analogy relating to time... Now in my earlier post I have written that if time is like a river we are like plankton moving along with it, but I have now realised that that is a bit off.... If time is a river then we, being slaves of time, and never really traveling through time are like rocks stationary compared to the river which is moving, for example, at the speed of light, since light is a constant thus a true measure of time.... So traveling through time would entail "us", the rock, to be moving along with the river but never completely touching the speed of the river, i.e., the speed of light. Hence if the rock is beginning to move forward through this river, then obviously it will appear to us that the river is slowing down, while it is the rock, i.e., ourselves who are moving faster, and the fact that the river is moving slower can then be said to represent time slowing down, so by that standard if we reach the full speed of the river, the river will then appear to us as if its stationary, thus displaying that time is now frozen... This being the reason why we can never truly touch the speed of time!


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