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The pain will forever linger
On close scrutiny it can be observed that the UCIL accident was caused by our lax labour and safety laws, and by our governments continual ignorance of basic operational procedures which sacrificed thousands of lives. When will the government ever take responsibility for its power and prevalence and start doing something which benefits the people, rather than wasting precious tax payers money on extravagant cover-up operations. We can all blame Anderson, but considering the Indian government had a stake in the company, why did they allow for safety standards to fly out the gaps. And why, 25 years hence, we still haven't amended a single thing. Environmental safety standards in work sites continues to be bargained for a few extra notes. Is the government learning disabled? Or do they really believe that a super natural being will clean up the future when their time is done. History shall forget, but the pain will forever resonate, destroying countless lives that naively encounter the rippling deceit, of shock waves borne off times past. The tsunami shall never stop striking. The pain will linger.......


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