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Hope against Hope Hopen...
Ah, the 20th.....Everyday I wait for that day..... Its like a junction, a junction I cant wait to reach. Do I get in or dont I. The answer can spin my life in two very different directions. Getting in is obviously the most preferential. I can relax for two more years, after which I can start planning for my phd. Staying out will spit out another year of figuring out what to do with my life! How I pray at times like these, hope against hope hopen! Please come through!!! Another year of sitting by myself will drive me mad! Im already having dreams of being back in college, having new friends, new love, new places to get used to. Of course purgatory is worse than hell!! Please oh please, I pray with the hope that I get zapped into a parallel universe where I do get in, rather than wander through one where Im forced to spend another unlucky year bumming through all the mess..... This 3 year bad streak must end, failure after failure is killing me. My reputation is so close to the drain its already beginning to stink. I need a reprieve. I hold on to pure faith! And hope for a good fate.

In the mean time Im going to get high, need to relax for 10 more days...... 10 more days of hope......


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