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Ghastly Interview
It was rape. Raped by a panel of professors. Ah the tyranny of it all. All 5 of them lynching me, jumping at my every response, pulling my mind apart. My poor brain too dumbstruck to think was left halting at frequent intervals. Every pause was hell, hellish, slow slow torture. It was and perhaps might be the worst interview of my life. Afterwards walking down the hot afternoon street, I felt totally naked, as if they had scooped within me to see if I really fit. The disgrace that I assume I didnt really match upto their standards. There were a lot more "ummms", and "Im not sure", then there were firm replies. The confusion!! And the worst of all, was how the answers finally came tumbling into my head 10 minutes later as I was walking back to the hotel. In the middle of the road, with no audience I perform. What a pain. The usual tale repeated all over. I failed in that room, it didnt matter if I could dance all night in the street. But I still hope that within all that confusion they might have glimpsed a potential candidate. Everything rests on this strain of hope.....


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