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i feel again....
its been a while, a long while since. i stare into her picture. every now and then. i want to keep looking. it makes me feel right. i feel bad though, i should have felt this way a long time before. i cant believe now that i had missed her earlier. right under my nose. three years and a whole lot of transformations later. now i see her. is it right. i feel i shouldnt care. i feel it now. thats what it is. i hope i can bring her into my life. a long time since i have felt this way. it feels refreshing. a homecoming. a welcoming. a gust. i need her. i want her. i feel like waiting for her. feel like i got it right this time. she feels right. i hope, i pray. i wish, she feels the same. i wish i felt the same before. but now i do. thank you, cause i might just love you. i hope to see you soon. goodnight.


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