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Thoughts on Time travel and other divergences..
Time travel... now we all wish for it, I certainly do... but its a known fact that time traveling to the past is impossible owing to the dreaded paradoxes, which lay there as guardians to keep check in order to avoid the universe plunging into chaos. Like the grandfather paradox. How can one travel back in time if its possible to kill your own grandfather, hence negating your own existence. But traveling to the future is quite possible, either by approaching an object with a greater mass around which time runs slower, or by nearly reaching the speed of light thus slowing down your time in relation to others who remain stationary. But what fun would it be to travel to the future if one could not make a journey back to the present.... That leaves you with a one ticket to the future with no way back... Unless of course a dreaded virus looms over our very existence for which we will need to travel through space and time to return to a future earth which is free of this organism, there seems to be no real conceivable use of such a travel... Now visually time can be described as a river moving forward, in which, much like fish and plankton, we are moving along with it in a linear fashion, and with a possibility of racing forward up the stream to the future. Now they say that one can never reach the speed of light owing to the fact that as we approach the speed of light time slows down, thus acting as a counter against hitting that barrier. So invariably one can easily state that we are in effect stuck in time, and unlike space we can only move forward but never backwards... But then picture salmon... Salmons swim upstream to lay their eggs, but much of how they propel themselves depends on them jumping out of the stream and back in. Now if you convert this analogy into time travel, thus for us to go back into the past, we must like salmon rip through time itself and then place ourselves further upstream aka the past... But what is beyond time, or what happens to us if we ever manage to rupture through it. They say that if we ever find ourselves outside our universe, i.e., beyond space and time altogether we can be able to see time... But the practicality of such an operation Im sure is beyond mind boggling. So I imagine that some time way in the future man might have perfected it, but then to do so, im sure our very state of being would be severely altered, hence its possible that humans in the future are present among us, but their physical state might be so altered that there is no way we could ever recognise, and far from be able to relate to them. It is then possible that they are manipulating our very existence but in forms unknown to us. But then the grandfathers paradox bites one in the arse. Well then here comes parallel universes, so in essence one could travel back in time, but it wont be our very own world, but another which might look just like this, a parallel universe.... Its kind of amazing to imagine that every time we make a decision a new universe is created, one in which we would be making the other choice... This I would say is more true for choices in our lives which are based solely on chance rather than choices which we are predetermined to make owing to our genetic make.... Random environmental events in our lives thus creates a world almost similar yet slightly different.... Ah... the universe, a beautiful thing!

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"Its kind of amazing to imagine that every time we make a decision a new universe is created, one in which we would be making the other choice..."

Now what would be even more interesting is if we could choose which universe we want to be in. Or maybe change the future, or rather the present, by altering those choices...

Butterfly effect? :D

he he yeah that will be tripy, imagine dancing back and forth between decisions..... cant ask for a more satisfying life :D

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