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Life needs a chance..
What is really the point of life? Why do we exist? We have spent the last 5000 or more years wondering these very questions, and are not even close to any answer as possible. Are we then groping in the dark as demonstrated by the Meno paradox. If we dont know what we are supposed to find how can we expect to find it. It might be staring at  our faces and we equipped with our ignorance might be blind not to notice it.

The Bhopal gas massacre has been gone 25 years. 16,000 people dead. The worst industrial accident ever. On the other hand the Indian government is all out to birth a flawed nuclear liability bill which allows the multinational corps. to get away with relatively little damage in case of any accident. Bringing justice to the victims of that fateful tragedy is one matter, and setting up the stage for probably a more devastating accident in the future is just ridiculous. If all of life is just about earning money, getting rich and living in filth, why bother with existing at all. I dont see the rocks complaining.

There might be no right out answer to why we exist, but instead of waiting for some divine being to do the needful, why cant we just make life worth every moment. Money never was the answer, power too is just a novelty item, some prehistoric residue of our evolution laid redundant when surviving is no more a pressing need. Why cant we see long term? We are truly alone out here in the universe, nature is never going to be on our side, so why cant we make a world where we protect and help eachother? Where starvation and survival are not concerns anymore. Why cant we just evolve into a world where we finally know and understand the delicate beauty of life.

I just hope one day that things do change. All might fade, but hope never should, and never will. If life doesn't hope, I dont see the rocks making any effort any time soon, they lay peacefully, mercy to circumstance, slaves to the fabric of time, slowly passing, slowly fading, waiting for the end.....


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